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Scarf #5, wool & acrylic

Scarf #6, wool & acrylic

Scarf #7, wool & acrylic

Scarf #4, wool & acrylic, child-sized!

Scarf #8 in progress and hanging from my window handle.


Something sweet I’m working on at work. Part of a much bigger project. This is laser-cut from wood by our neighbor. It’s pretty cool to have neighbors who are laser cutters; we can’t wait until the custom cello-tape printer moves in next door (yes, really)—and when the giant new Modulor opens next spring Ritterstraße will basically enter a state of craft supply nirvana.


Recycle an extra sweater into a pair of folksy mittens. In a half hour you’ll have a holiday gift for someone.

You need:

  1. A sweater, any knit will do
  2. Paper & pencil
  3. Scissors & pins
  4. Lightweight yarn and a large needle

Trace your hand on the paper, adding a little extra space around your thumb and along your wrist. Cut out.

You’ll want the cuffs of your sweater or the bottom hem for the openings of your mittens. So decide which part of your sweater you prefer to use, flip inside-out, lay flat and pin pattern through both layers.

Sew about 1/2″ around the pattern with a zig-zag stitch. Remember to leave the cuff open! Note: The reason I don’t cut out the pieces first is to make it easier to handle and forgiving of alignment mistakes, but if you’re a sewing pro do this step however you like.

Trim around stitching and remove pins. Flip your mitten right-side out and do a little shaping to make it look right.

At this point, you have a mitten. You can make a second one and call it a day. But I find that mittens in this style tend to kind of look like you’re wearing socks on your hands. Decorative blanket stitch to the rescue!

Blanket stitch around the edges of your mitten with a contrasting yarn. Repeat all steps for second mitten. You’re done!

We did this project at a Craft Night at Etsy Labs Berlin recently. A few photos on Flickr here.

Dieses Tutorial ist in Deutsch verfügbar Etsy.de