Nora in Pump Up the Volume

Dame Darcy is the best illustrator of my generation

Louise Brooks

John Cage's Imaginary Landscapes

Jesus & Mary Chain

2 com

Decided to get into dollhouse miniatures. Starting with this blog.

I’m reading Children of the Sun.

To Sido, I’m reading Pippi Longstocking. This chapter is my favorite part.

“If you only do it once, you’ll never want to do anything else.”


On my bike ride home I was sort of fretting over seasonal disorders, the dark, the cold. Then it sort of struck me how strange it is to be worried about winter darkness, when all I ever want to do is walk around at night. And that the night is an electric, good time, And that I don’t need special sun lamps I just need to go outside a lot.


polish matchbox label – via maraid on Flickr


a nice pattern



The history of mail.

Das bundesarchiv.


Icelandic candy and spirit packaging designer.


I don’t need any more friends.