We had Russian breakfast at a Russian breakfast place. Things like fat blinis with strawberry sauce, and thin blinis rolled up and filled with roe, and horseradish, and potato latkes. Sido ran her Duplo horses all around the table and captured the Playmobil pirate. And fell asleep in the wide, new stroller on the walk home.

I put a back on an old quilt and started a meticulous red blanket stitch around its edges. Sido woke up and we walked up Schönhauser Alle to Zed’s, and they were next door at their restaurant, and they are French and having a galette des rois party. Zed was leaping around and screaming in French, English, Italian. I was handed a piece of cake and got the fève, a speckled heart shaped bead. I’m the king.

Everyone climbed into Michaela’s car. We drive to museum island to the Märchenhütte. It’s crowded and secretive, we find a little space at the very back. There are kettles of glühwein on hot plates at the bar. Sido and Zed stand on the table and stare at the performers, holding hands. Dornröschen. Hase und Igel. At intermission they eat wurst with ketchup.

Pete and I make chicken soup with rice for dinner. (Please click that link to hear the song!)

I walked two blocks to the sauna. Every hour, some special sauna employee comes into the sauna carrying a bottle of herby water and a giant plate of orange slices and dumps the water onto the rocks while waving a towel at us. The air becomes a hot, hot minty soup. Then she passes around the oranges and we all stuff handfuls of them into our mouths. Then I walked around in the sauna courtyard for a bit. Everyone is naked with plumes of steam rising off them.

This morning I woke up with the flu and couldn’t get out of bed.