Ladder necklace

While searching for inspiration at the hobbyshop recently, I found an enormous bag of those little wooden popsicle sticks, a staple of kindergarten art projects everywhere. Yes, yes—jewelry from popsicle sticks is a project practically begging to be ridiculed on the internet, but I think these necklaces came out looking cool. And the supplies were cheap, assuming you already have access to a Dremel.

You need:

On the back of your popsicle sticks, mark lines 6mm (0.25 inch) from each end.

Set your Dremel to 25, put on your safety goggles, and clamp down one of the sticks. Using a 1.2mm bit, drill two holes next to each other along each marked line. Repeat until every stick but one has two holes at each end. Save one stick and only drill one hole at each end—this is the bottom of your ladder.

Arrange your “ladder rungs” in the order you want them to hang on the necklace.

Using the pliers, thread 10mm jump rings through the bottom holes of one stick and the top holes of the next rung on the ladder, and close. The bottom rung will be the popsicle stick with only two holes, and the first rung will have two empty holes at the top of the ladder.

Attach one end of each chain length to the top of your ladder with 5mm jump rings.

Attach the other two 5mm jump rings to the opposite ends of the chains. Now all that’s left is to add the clasp!

Your necklace should now look like the image below. Cute, right? You’ve transformed a günstig craft supply into a modern statement necklace!

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  1. Beth

    Of course we have a dremel! What self-respecting crafter doesn’t? This is an awesome project and I want to try it.

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