Sidonie is six


Aquarium party favors!

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Sido asked everyone to come costumed as a sea creature. Unsure whats going on with the polar bear. None of the boys dressed up.

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Orange octopus costume.

5 Responses to “Sidonie is six”

  1. justine

    Hi! Just wondering what is in the treat bags? I can tell the shark gummies, goldfish, and jellybeans, but I can’t make out the other item or two. Thank you.

  2. Heather Pendragon

    I LOVED the “Under the Sea” candy bag idea! So creative. Can you tell me what you used other than the obvious blue whales, jelly beans, and gold fish. I see the pink liquorice all sorts, but what other candies did you put in? Is that a frog?

  3. Anda

    I used random liquorice pieces from a Haribo “Color-Rado” mix, only because they were so abstract I thought they could be shells or other ocean mysteries. And then, yes, Haribo frogs. :D

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