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21 September 2006


dear internet, i promise i will regain touch, and tell you stories like i used to tell you stories. all the stories. best, amanda

today we crawled out from the van in a cramped, need-to-pee way. the service station people barricaded the door saying there is no electricity here, and so we slunk away. everyone in the parking lot had big horse nostrils and beautiful shiny cheeks and looked like a meth addict. o Oil City, Michigan!
we had to close our eyes and just run across the highway, hoping for the best.
"is this a town meeting?"

one day, one day, one day left!

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07 June 2006


i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.
i rarely leave the house.

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19 January 2006


i try to fill up my day.

1. on intelligence by jeff hawkins
2. rube goldberg:
3. searle's chinese room
5. the report card by andrew clements
6. hot pretzel with mustard; i'm reading from cover to cover; i love new york, kinda

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13 January 2006


when you love somebody you don't ever want to screw it up.

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26 December 2005


housebound, sort of. today an ambulance rode down the road with my uncle keeping a pace behind it, lights flashing, 20 mph. ambled down the road, messed up, backed up carefully, and turned into the long driveway to the trailer next-door.
we all ran to the windows along the north side of the house. and stuck our noses to the glass. discussion of who, related to who else, at what age, and when last spoke to.

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21 December 2005


slice your face; you're it
Q: this sushi is alright!
A: especially when its late and we're hungry and they bring it to us. and we eat it in bed. here in queens. listening to young jeezy!

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14 December 2005


we are running a free and vigorous hotel. sometimes the houseguests cook food for us and that is the best kind of houseguest. that and the ones that allow us to get in free to the japanther show (because they are japanther.) oh, i got diamonds tattooed across my toes.

the best time to do stomach crunches is when you are high. otherwise they are a pain in the stomach. look, i'm just trying to get to queens. also, i am trying to make my family christmas presents. for christmas you may get me this book: Graffiti Brasil (thames & hudson)

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1. i'm trying Haloscan.
2. and i want to marry Blogger.

anda gail lewis 2005. stop crying every day.